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BMW 316i is new 3 Series entry


BMW 316i
BMW Ireland has responded to many requests for an entry-level BMW 3 Series with a 1.6-litre engine and so has announced the immediate introduction of a BMW 316i Saloon. The new model remains faithful to its original concept - a premium quality family car with unmatched driver appeal.

The new BMW 316i, solely available in the Irish market comes with an entry price of €36,300.

The BMW 316i Saloon will not be available in the UK. The 1.6-litre engine will not be available in any other 3 series model. The BMW 316i Saloon is sporty and is claimed to be fuel-efficient and offer value-for-money. BMW claim it to be the most technologically advanced car in its segment and will appeal to existing BMW fans and attract new customers.

BMW is using their flexible production technology to make this engine variant available specifically for the Irish market. The decision to launch this car is based on the significant savings a customer can avail of due to the smaller engine capacity.

The BMW 316i is priced at €36,300, which represents a saving of €2,350 compared to the BMW 318i. All of the saving is passed on to the customer.

Standard specifications are generous. A brief summary follows: All models come with six-speed manual gearbox, air conditioning, BMW Professional Radio CD, six airbags, leather three-spoke steering wheel and full electric windows, onboard computer, rear seat ISOFIX attachments, Dynamic Stability Control, 16 inch steel wheels with full aluminium look covers, with Run-flat tyres, start/stop button.

The 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine in the 316i features VALVETRONIC and VANOS technology, ensuring best-in-class performance, emissions and fuel consumption. Delivering 115bhp and 85Nm torque the 316i is claimed to personify performance with fuel efficiency. This four-cylinder engine was first introduced in the 1 Series in the autumn of 2004.

The new 316i Saloon comes as standard with a six-speed manual transmission (automatic will not be available as an option). This manual gearbox features a similar final drive ratio to the previous five-speed box. By delivering closer gear ratios, the driver benefits from increased flexibility and performance. Final drive on the petrol engine manual is longer, contributing to the new 3 Series’ impressive fuel consumption figures.

BMW claims that the new 316i Saloon offers the very best in active and passive safety in line with existing 3 Series model derivatives. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) is standard across the BMW range and offers a traction control and stability system, using yaw, and steering information.

The fundamental base for an inherently safe car is a rigid chassis with predictable driving dynamics. With a 25 per cent increase in torsional stiffness over the E46 3 Series saloon, a bigger but lighter body and BMW’s traditional engineering philosophies of rear wheel drive and 50:50 weight distribution, the new 3 Series offers an incomparable foundation for active safety.

Run-flat tyres, developed in tandem with the new 3 Series’ chassis systems, guarantee the highest safety levels in the new 3 Series and ensure driving dynamics and comfort are unimpaired. When punctured they allow journeys to be continued for 240 kms at 80km/h.

Like all existing 3 Series models, the 316i will include BMW’s innovative Brake Force Display as standard. Using information supplied by the DSC or DSC+ systems, an additional segment of brake lights are illuminated when the 3 Series executes an emergency stop or the ABS braking cuts in.

Adaptive Headlamps are also offered that use road speed, steering angle and yaw information to swivel the headlamps by up to 15 degrees, illuminating up to 95 percent more of the road ahead.

BMW believes that the luxury of 3 Series ownership does not translate into expense. The potential new owner of a 316i is guaranteed also to tick the boxes marked ‘running costs’, ‘servicing costs’, ‘insurance costs’, ‘Benefit-in-Kind tax’ and ‘residual values’. BMW’s Service Inclusive deal as an option for the new 316i saloon offers fixed cost service or service and maintenance figures for all cars at five years/100,000 kms.

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BMW 316i is new 3 Series entry
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